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the molly bakes story
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Molly Bakes is independently owned by Maria Goodman, a former talent agent who found herself out of a job at the start of the recession. Coincidentally this happened the day before her 29th birthday in early 2009. Having yearned to quit her job to try a different career path anyway she saw it as the start of a new adventure and “the best birthday present ever”.

Her first thought upon hearing the news, was “Great! Now I can bake some cupcakes for my birthday party tomorrow”. And so she did with her mother’s help. The cupcakes were a hit with her friends and it made her feel great even though she’d been up all night icing them.

Maria had never really baked before then and it quickly became an obsession. With all her new found free time she baked out of boredom experimenting with recipes and flavours, while she looked for another job. With not much around, she found it difficult to find another job and after six months of looking and finding herself running out of money fast, her friends urged her to try selling cupcakes. And so, “Molly Bakes” was created with the last of her savings.

Molly is named after “Maria and Olly”. A nickname that was given to the couple by friends and family.

A lover of the good, tasty food she grew up with and quality ingredients, Maria prides herself on producing the finest cakes possible for the loyal customers she has built up in the last 4 years of business.

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