Wedding Gift Ideas for Every Budget

When you’re attending a wedding, one of the most difficult things to do can be working out what the bride and groom would like as a gift. Often, the happy couple will make a list of things that they’d appreciate. But, creating that list can also be a hassle – especially when you have a ton of other stuff to organise.

So, here are some of the best wedding gift ideas that you might want to consider getting, or asking for, if you’ve got a wedding coming up. Of course, you should use your own judgement as well as some of these ideas to try and ensure that you’re going to get something that’s actually going to be useful.

Best Wedding Gift Ideas

They first thing that you might want to ask yourself when purchasing a wedding gift; How much should I spend on a wedding gift?

Well, depending on who you ask and just how snobbish they are, you’ll get various different answers about just how much that you should be looking to spend on a wedding gift. It really does depends on a few factors; primarily how much you can afford!

A good rule of thumb to go buy is £20-50 for friends, £50-100 for close friends and only go to £100+ if it’s immediate family. This is really down to you however, and if you want to spend hundreds of pounds, there’s nothing wrong with that. In the same vain, if you only have £15 to spend, if the happy couple are really your friends, they’ll surely understand.

Great Gifts for under £20

Not everyone has the budget to go and splash out on an expensive gifts – and if that’s expected of you, then is this really a wedding you want to attend? True friends will understand if you don’t have the cash to buy them an expensive gift. But, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get them a gift at all. There are some gifts that you can get for under £20 which will still bring a smile to the couples face.

Couples Journal

Getting married is the beginning of an adventure together with your partner. So, getting the married couple a journal that they can share together is a great idea for that they can write down the happy memories that they have together.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are a great idea if you’re looking for a cheap gift that looks more expensive than it really is. Picture frames might be one of the first things that comes to mind when considering a wedding gift. There are a ton of different fancy picture frames that you can find online – it’s a good idea to visit Etsy and see what they have to offer.

Though in recent years, picture frames are given less and less as gifts as people prefer to have their photographs online as opposed to around the house.A good way to combat this is by opting for a digital photo frame. It doesn’t have to be anything out of this world, but it can be a good idea if you want to get something that will actually get used.

Custom Stationery

Good quality stationery doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, and you can undoubtedly find something pretty decent for less than £20. Whether it’s a customized pen or something similar, stationery is a pretty safe bet as everyone uses it.


Another relatively cheap option that can make a great wedding gift is a set of tumblers. They come in a variety of different colors and styles, so make sure that you have a look around and see if you can find anything that the couple may like. If you’ve been to their home before, then you could even consider trying to get something that will match the colors in their house.

Again, there’s a ton of cool tumblers available on Etsy, so this is probably the first place that you should check out.

Salt and Pepper Set

Cute salt and pepper pots are the perfect gift if you’re looking to get something cute within a small budget. They’re especially cute because you can get them in a matching bride and groom set, so the happy couple will have a permanent reminder of their happy day whenever they season their food.


A spatula is ideal if you’re looking for a gift that’s a little bit different – if you aren’t entirely sure what the bride and groom are going to be receiving, then you can pretty much guarantee that no one else is going to be getting them a spatula!

Cheaper kitchen utensils are the way forward if you’re looking for a present that’s less than £20. A spatula is a great example to get which won’t set you back too much.

Awesome Gifts for under £50

If you have a bit more to spend that £20, then between £20-50 is what most people consider the right amount as a gift for a coworker or a friend. It doesn’t break the bank, but you can still find some really nice items that the couple are bound to appreciate.

Wall Art/Canvas

Whilst their packaging is a little indiscreet (they’re clearly going to guess exactly what it is!), wall art is a good idea if you know the couple and their tastes well. If you don’t, then I’d avoid going for wall art – the last thing you want is to be ‘that person’ that got them that canvas they find hideous and have to put up every time you come around to visit!


More of a fun gift than anything else, a hammock can be an awesome present for the newlyweds. Though they may not use it regularly – especially if they’re in freezing cold UK – it’s still a nice present that’s a little different than the standard.

Welcome Mat

If the couple have recently purchased a property together or are looking to in the near future, then a welcome mat can make a great gift for their new home. You could even consider getting a personalized welcome mat, but a regular one will also make a great gift too.

You can find welcome mats at a variety of different prices, but better ones will usually cost around £30-40.

Ice Cream Makers

Ice cream makers are another gift that might not be at the top of the couples list, but they make a nice addition to any kitchen. You can find a top notch ice cream maker in a variety of different prices, but usually you can find a relatively decent one under £50.

What’s more, a good ice cream maker will last years and years, so the happy couple will be able to use your gift with their children (if they decide to have kids further down the line).


More and more frequently nowadays, general home appliances are appreciated as gifts. Unless the couple have specifically asked for something different – like a honeymoon donation – then the majority of the time they’ll expect homeware.

Although a kettle might seem a bit boring to some, there are a range of kettles that look awesome and will fit well in any kitchen.

Amazing Wedding Gifts for under £100

If you want something a little more extravagant, then you’ll need to up your budget to between £50 and £100. You don’t have to spend this much, but if the couple are particularly close to you and you want to help them out, then if you have the cash then there’s nothing wrong with spending a little extra.

Knife Set

Although you can get a knife set for a relatively cheap price, a high quality knife set is something that’s really going to make a difference in the kitchen for any couple. Every kitchen should have a good knife set in my opinion, as it just makes things so much easier.

Coffee Maker

Although you can find coffee makers at a cheaper price, the better ones tend to hover around the 100 quid mark. In an increasingly growing nation of caffeine addicts, a coffee machine is something that the majority of couples are going to make use of.

Make sure that you check exactly what coffee maker it is that you’re purchasing, as you might be able to match the brand up with other gifts from other guests at the wedding. Many couples would love new matching kitchen appliances in their home as gifts, so if you can reach out to other guests, this is a great idea.

Bluetooth Precision Cooker

The majority of people have never used a precision cooker, and they’re undoubtedly missing out. A precision cooker allows you to really cook to the next level and allows you to create restaurant quality food from the comfort of your own home.

Though they can take a while to get used to, a precision cooker can make a really good gift, especially if the couple are interested in cooking.

Indoor camera

Nothing says “I don’t trust my pets” like an indoor security camera. If the bride and groom have pets or young children, then an indoor camera can be the perfect way to keep and eye on them.

Whilst you might not like the idea of using an indoor camera all the time, it can be useful to figure out who at the box of chocolates on the table!

Top Wedding Gifts £100+

If it’s a close friend or immediate relative, then you might feel the need to splash out a little extra on them. There are gifts that you can get them ranging in the hundreds that will ensure you stay in their good graces for a long while!

Vacuum Cleaner

Practical gifts don’t always make the best gifts for weddings, but the majority of couples will want something that they’ll use. One of the quintessential gifts for a couple that they’ll use on a regular basis is a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners range drastically in prices, but if you’re looking for a ‘big gift’ then there are an abundance of new vacuums available that work extremely well.

Full Saucepan Sets

A full saucepan set is something everyone needs in their household. If you want a really good set, then you’ll have to start looking upwards of £100. If you don’t want to spend this much, then you could consider just getting them an awesome frying pan instead.

With saucepans, you really have a few different options for gift sets Unless you’re going to go with basic aluminium, you can opt for a copper set or you can go for something porcelain, which will likely look better than your standard T-Fal set.

Rice Cooker

Now, you don’t want to just go out and buy a rice cooker randomly because the majority of couples aren’t going to use one. But if you know the bride or groom relatively well and know they’d use it, then a rice cooker can make an awesome gift.


Luggage is expensive. In fact, I’d go so far as saying it’s ridiculously expensive! This is why many couples appreciate a new luggage set, especially if they’re just about to head out on the honeymoon of their dreams.

Nintendo Switch

Another good idea if you’re looking for a good gift to get someone is a nintendo switch รีวิว. Nintendos are generally relatively expensive, so you’ll need a decent amount of cash available to be able to get your hands on one. However if you can afford one, then it’s definitely worth your while!


Overall, these are just a few ideas for wedding gifts that the majority of couples would like. Ideally, if you know the couple relatively well then you can get something for them that they’ll find personable. For example, if they love camping, then a camping-related gift will go down a treat, right?

Of course, a wedding gift isn’t the be all and end all. Your attendance to the wedding itself is far more important than any gift. But, if you can get the happy couple an awesome gift, then they’ll surely remember it forever.

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