Grey Bacon – Can you still eat out of date bacon?

Have you ever rummaged through your fridge struggling to find something to eat, only to find something that looks like it might be on the turn? Yeah, me too.

Although the pleasures of parenthood have forced me too have a stocked fridge most of the time, back when I was a student I had less concerns. I ate out a lot, which often left me coming home in the evening without much in the fridge. Plus, I was broke, so I didn’t want to go back out and spend all my money shopping. For some reason, I always had one thing lurking at the back of my fridge.

Yep, you guessed it. Grey bacon. Now it wasn’t always grey, but there were a few times that it was definitely losing it’s color. Not that I cared – I cooked it in the microwave and ate it anyway! But it led me to thinking recently, is it actually okay to eat grey bacon, or is there a limit that you shouldn’t really go past?

Can you still eat grey bacon?

Well, my general rule for bacon is when in doubt, throw it out. But, with green bacon you’re generally okay with eating. Why? Well, the reason that it can start to turn a different color is that the nitrates in the bacon – a chemical which is added for preservation – reacts with the blood protein, which can discolour your bacon and turn it into a greenish.

But with grey bacon, you’re best bet is to throw the bacon out as opposed to eating it. If it’s a little bit grey, then you’ll probably be able to get away with eating it without an issue. But, it isn’t worth risking your health just to eat some bacon (well, I guess that’s up to you to decide!). Bacon starts to turn a greyish brown when it’s starting to go off, so you should probably throw your bacon away if it’s starting to discolor.

Of course, this is entirely down to you and like I said, I ate grey bacon for years as a student and never really had any issues. But, this wasn’t really grey bacon, and it can’t have been more than a day or two past it’s sell by date. If it’s more than a week past the sell by date, then you’ll want to throw it out and get yourself some new bacon.


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